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Windy Trees

Donna Beverly

I am intrigued by the idea of conveying movement within a painting and the contradiction that it entails.  The canvas is a window conveying a stopped moment in time, yet the trees’ movement implies duration of time.  My windy tree series is about that contradiction.  I am fascinated by the invisible made visible.  Wind cannot be seen except by its affect upon the objects in the landscape. Water and wind – both transparent – are viewed by their impact upon what they move.  Rocks and earth are eroded by water’s surge. Trees are permanently bent, even savagely broken showing the power and predominant direction of the winds.

The selection of the tree as a subject is a special one for me.  Having grown up in the center of a walnut orchard, the tree has always held a place of importance. Memories of the sounds of the leaves as the gentle wind teases and the gale forces breaking limbs are embedded in my brain. Trees shade us from the harsh heat of the sun, protect us from the wet of rainfall, convey time as they grow taller, give us food and building materials for homes and furniture.  The lowly pencil – essential to the visual artist – is made from the wood of a tree.

I paint the windy tree as a colorist, utilizing color to convey not what is seen, but to enhance the pace and energy of the interaction between the tree and its response to the winds.  Colors and brushstrokes are used to slow or accelerate the sense of energy within the painting.   Metaphorically, we are the trees and the wind is the passage of our lives.

Artist’s site: Donna Beverly

All images and text are the sole  copyright of the artist and gratefully used here by permission.

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