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Metamorphosis: Entwined

Mary Hrbacek

My new series of paintings, Entwined, is inspired by anthropomorphic trees I discovered in Central Park, in Brooklyn, and while traveling in China and Italy. Suffused with feelings of revelation and regeneration, the paintings are anchored in symbols of transformation in Roman poet Ovid’s work, The Metamorphoses. I have been drawing trees for ten years, while also working from live models. Gradually the human physique and tree limbs merged in my psyche, fusing human and tree anatomy into a hybrid essence. The forms reveal themselves as hollowed out, hallowed, haunted and inhabited. They emerge in a poetic context of shifting identities, becoming entwined figures, animals, and subtle faces. Understated elusive forms morph into penises, entrails, breasts and vaginas. The varied personas within us, and in our networks of relationships correspond to the mysterious affinities in the tree configurations.  The unity of all life is accentuated.

Artist’s site: Mary Hrbacek

All images and text are the sole copyright of the artist and gratefully used here by permission.

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Site tags: paintings, nature, trees, anthropomorphic, unity, earth, human, transformation, metamorphosis

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