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States of Being

David Paul Bayles

A ‘State of Being’ implies a deep connection with one’s own feelings, thoughts and sensations. In these photographs I am exploring a connectedness between humans and trees through a shared ‘state of being’.

These classical figure images were created in two ways. In some,  the tree appeared in my visual field with some aspect of it lingering in my mind’s eye – it’s shape, texture or how it interacted with light at a certain time of day. Holding on to that impression, I waited for the right human to come into my life to pair with the tree. In others, the person was first and then I waited for just the right tree to appear.

Artist’s site: David Paul Bayles

All images and text are the sole copyright of the artist and gratefully used here by permission.

Single click images to enlarge.

Tags: photography, black and white, portraits, people with trees, urban landscapes, classical, ethereal, embrace, prayer, surrender

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