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From the Forest

Holly Friesen

My work revolves around earth-honoring images that reflect and instill connection to local bio-regions. These images internalize a reverence for the earth and shift the intent from harming the world to living in a mutually life enhancing manner.

After 30 years of painting from close observation of the forests, Read More


60 Old Trees

Bea Nettles

For many years I have been attracted to and have photographed the trunks of old trees. They have something to teach us about experience, patience, persistence, survival and grace. When I turned sixty, Read More

Red Trees

Lee Tracy

RED TREES, started in the year 2000, and is in progress. A long-term project of 5 phases that memorializes our forests. This artwork conveys a sense of loss, the dynamic relationship between humans and the natural world, and the hope born of persistence. Read More

Under the Leaves

Fabien Seguin

“Under the leaves, something is happening, something is growing that will not abate until they return there for good”

Under the Leaves is a work striving to change our perception of vegetation. It is imbued with reverence for the silence and constancy of trees Read More


Beth Lilly

The explosive growth seen by many Southern cities is a recent phenomenon and so the infrastructure of modern cities has been cut out of forests that formerly surrounded the metro areas. This expansion began a turf war, with both trees and power lines fighting Read More


Roxy Paine

Guzman: What I liked about Maelstrom was that while you got very drawn into what the piece was doing to the actual roof of the MET, it was also set against the irresistible background of Central Park.

Paine: Yes and the treetops, but then it was also surrounded by a canyon of buildings. Getting back to the idea of purity, I’m not interested in a romantic idea of nature existing in a “pure natural setting.” I’m more interested Read More


Sebastien Lemm

As a photo-based artist, I see myself as the link between two realities—the one outside of the camera and the one that begins once the photograph has been taken. Rather than documenting or ‘capturing the moment,’ I want to show what is not immediately visible.

My work is informed by nature in a broad sense. Visually, I am fascinated by seemingly random Read More

Still Standing, Standing Still

Lauren Henkin

One of the issues I struggle with in my life is being open. I think it stems from a fear of being judged, that in knowing the real me, I will be found lacking in some capacity and abandoned. It’s something I’ve tried to work through, a lack of faith in anything that would endure.

It is one of the reasons Read More

Windy Trees

Donna Beverly

I am intrigued by the idea of conveying movement within a painting and the contradiction that it entails.  The canvas is a window conveying a stopped moment in time, yet the trees’ movement implies duration of time.  My windy tree series is about that contradiction.  I am fascinated by the invisible Read More

Metamorphosis: Entwined

Mary Hrbacek

My new series of paintings, Entwined, is inspired by anthropomorphic trees I discovered in Central Park, in Brooklyn, and while traveling in China and Italy. Suffused with feelings of revelation and regeneration, the paintings are anchored in symbols of transformation in Roman poet Ovid’s work, The Metamorphoses. I have been drawing trees for ten years, while also working Read More